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78.5cm x 61cm
A beautiful hand pulled screen print, two tonal purple & violet ink colour wash. Plus hand bleaching. A pretty complex multi stage process involved in this beast.

Heavyweight 320gsm stock.

Edition of 25
Signed by the Artist in silver marker, and numbered.

Out of stock
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About the Artist:

The artist developed the idea of Donk as a space for creative expression outside of his work as a photographer.
In 2008 he started to place his images onto the street where he explores his photographic, Xerox and screen printed, paste up art!
Donk turns all his original photography into high contrast, black and white graphic constructs before screen printing, hand colouring and final bleach finishing.
His elaborate creative process results in individually unique edition’s.
Donk’s powerfully evocative images play with visual ideas like stories, these balance his personal take on urban history & nostalgia with aspects of human strength and vulnerability.
His aim is to communicate something sincere and yet still entertaining.
My images are like adventures; Knights of the crusade and B.boys breakdancing. Rag & bone men, pitiful horses and the grey London streets. Dusty relics, faded empires and finding the keys to the time machine. The last of the cockney robots & feeling pre-digital. Sonic booms that light up the sky and wide eyed astronomers who wont go to bed.
But most of all being brave.”
Donk_B.brave_NWA Donk_Ghoul_Pink_NWA_edge Donk_Profit_Purple_NWA_edge Donk_Profit_Peppermint_NWA_edge Inked_Bleached_1 Donk_Ghoul_Purple_NWA_edge Donk_Ghost_Peppermint_NWA_edge Donk_Ghostwizard_Purple_edge Donk_GhostWizard_Pink_NWA_edge Donk_Profit_pink_NWA_edge Donk_Ghoul_Peppermint_NWA_edge