Posted on Monday, 4th August, 2014

New ‘Donk’ print to be released soon exclusively on NWAP!

Bike-Girl – screen print – Donk

78.5cm x 61cm

320gsm heavyweight stock

Hand pulled Screen Print & Two Tonal Purple & Violet Ink Wash.

Plus, hand bleaching.

Edition of 25

Available soon.

Feel free to drop us an email at:

to reserve a print.



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Who is the street artist known as Donk?

Posted on Monday, 4th August, 2014

If it features knights of the crusade, B.boys breakdancing around an epic boom box or a mammoth shire horse, then Donk’s probably passed through the area.

A few weeks back we were lucky enough to chat to the reclusive street artist at his South London studio. 


Donk ushers us into the old 60’s building he works from, repeatedly apologising for the mess. It’s safe to say the chap definitely has a liking for the colour purple (we don’t mean the 80’s movie), with one whole corner awash with purple paint, from the ceiling to the floor. Donk’s tag (in purple) is scrawled across pretty much every surface – one never looking quite the same as the last. If Hendrix were alive he’d feel very much at home.

Works-in-progress and stacks of finished prints are precariously balanced alongside an army of freshly-wrapped postal tubes. Huge prints and full sized paste-ups are passed to us at a furious rate by Donk, seemingly magicked from nowhere.

Donk begins to explain why he feels the need to wheat paste London’s streets from top to bottom on a daily basis, and what his work is all about.

The whole process isn’t necessarily what you may first think; none of the images are sourced from the internet or books, and everything in Donk’s work is in fact his own. He photographs everything in his work, from rag-and-bone horses to pin-up girls on bicycles. He even makes the costumes and props – and hand-pulls the screen prints himself. Oh, and not forgetting the wheat pasting; he does that himself too.


DONK: “I developed the idea of Donk as a space for creative expression outside of my work as a photographer. In 2008 I started to place images on to the street where I explore a photographic and Xerox style of paste-up art, washing the Xerox in faded colours to soften, age and alter the final mood. My original images are high contrast, graphic and photographic constructs which lend themselves quite naturally to the screen printing process which I am using more and more these days.”


DONK: “I play with my visual ideas like stories. These balance my personal take on urban history and nostalgia with aspects of human strength and vulnerability. I guess you could say my aim is to communicate something sincere, but above all entertaining.”


Many of Donk’s works include The Boy, as he calls him; Donk’s eleven year old son (who’s on the other side of the studio happily tagging away on a wall).

DONK: “The Boy is a huge part of my life, as he would be. It came very naturally to me to include him in or make him a part of the work from very early on. He’s an inspiring influence. And although his mother and I separated when he was five we manage to share his time between us very well. You could say that including him in my work is a reminder of how central he is to me, and it brings us closer together.

Of course being a dad has also meant that I have got to be a kid again myself. There is a vicarious process at work here; through him I rediscover or remember my own childhood and that comes through naturally in the work. I hope to reflect the powerful imaginary worlds of childhood but also allude to the darker, stranger adult world that lies just beyond.”


Donk’s son is clearly a good sport, having had his face plastered across London wearing a Zorro mask, an Elephant Man costume and Native American garb in the image B.brave.


DONK: “Dressing up, fantasy, and playfulness are all elements that I employ in my images, exploring themes of growing up and growing old, the passage of time and the anachronistic nature of time itself.

But in the meantime, The Boy is doing his own growing up and that is, in some ways, being documented through the work and creating a larger story arc, hopefully well into the future. It doesn’t mean much to him now, a street art daddy isn’t cool to an eleven-year-old either, but hopefully one day he’ll understand how much I miss him when he’s not around.”


Donk’s Humble Magnificent series is now available on the NoWayArt web store in very limited numbers, so don’t sleep. Plus there’s the imminent release of a new Donk print – Biker-Girl – available exclusively through No Way Art. Super small edition!


We’re also working with Donk to create something extra special in the near future, which will be super-limited.

Join the mailing list for details.


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Moniker Art Fair 2013 (Pictures by NWA)

Posted on Wednesday, 23rd October, 2013

VinZ Feel Free – Moniker 2013, East London.

Miss Bugs – Moniker 2013, East London.

Faile – Moniker 2013, East London.

D*face - Moniker 2013, East London.

The London Police & Zeus – Moniker 2013, East London.

Amanda Marie – Moniker 2013, East London.

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Jimmy C – Riot Series @ Pure Evil Gallery, East London.

Posted on Wednesday, 16th October, 2013

Thought I’d do a little post on our friend Jimmy C’s latest show at Pure Evil Gallery.

The Riot paintings have a been a long time in the making – Jimmy wanting to find the right time and place to show them all…

And the Dungeon of Pure Evil’s Gallery seemed the perfect place.



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Banksy NYC – Miniature Twin Towers

Posted on Tuesday, 15th October, 2013

Banksy’s latest piece on the streets of Tribeca, Lower Manhatten.

The work just keeps getting better and better. Simply beautiful.


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Banksy NYC – The Sirens of the Lambs

Posted on Monday, 14th October, 2013

This is proper genius! Slaughter house truck driven around the Meat Packing District NYC. My favourite so far. lol

Video is below, enjoy.


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Banksy NYC – Central Park Art Stall

Posted on Monday, 14th October, 2013

Banksy’s month long exhibition in NYC, took a new twist yesterday with another amazing stunt…

Opening a pop-up art stall in Central Park, for one day only, selling original artworks on canvas for a mere $60 each – with only a sign reading ‘Spray art’ & ‘this is not a photo opportunity’.

Only 7 pieces sold throughout the course of the day – a total of $480!

I’ve put the video below, take a peek if you’ve not seen it already. The actor hired as the sales person is ace :)

13 new pieces in 13 days, the surprises continue in NYC – can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.


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Posted on Wednesday, 14th August, 2013

Great little show I went to a few weeks back. Christiaan is a lovely guy. Thought I’d give it a mention. Cheers for the beer mate! :)

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Converse / Dazed 2013 Emerging Artists Award

Posted on Tuesday, 28th May, 2013

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ROA’s Giant Hedge Pig hits Chance Street in East London…

Posted on Monday, 23rd April, 2012

Belgian artist ROA has a new wall up to promote his latest exhibition in East London at Stolen Space Gallery.

A constant crowd of people gathered to watch him paint the piece in record time. He battled the rain pretty much on and off all day. And worked late into the evening to get the piece completed – it really does look a beauty. If you’re in the East London area pop by and take a look. It’s opposite Shoreditch Overground Station on Bethnal Green Road.


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Jimmy C New Walls in Berlin, Germany

Posted on Monday, 30th April, 2012

Mr Jimmy C has been a busy man in Berlin – painting 3 walls in 4 days! The first in Hackescher Markt, the second in Revalerstrasse, and the third in Ostbahnhof.

We’re particularly excited about the Revalerstrasse piece: a new take on ‘The Artist’s Tears’ to celebrate the 10th Anniversary since James first painted it back in Sydney 2002. The piece became James’s first ever print through No Way Art Projects late last year.

He first exhibited The Artist’s Tears at the Gitte Weise Gallery in Sydney (2003), and it was later acquired by the Art Gallery of South Australia for their permanent collection.

In Mr C’s words: “The painting became known as my signature painting and marks the merging of my interest in figurative realism in painting with graffiti or street art. I thought Berlin was the appropriate place to mark this occasion by creating a new version of the painting in the drip style. It is good to give this it a second life and to reintroduce it to a whole new audience.”

‘The Artist’s Tears’ in RAW Flohmarkt, Revalerstrasse, Berlin

‘Man with Spheres’ in Hackescher Markt, Hof, Berlin

‘City Forms’ [scribble style] in Yaam, Ostbahnhof, Berlin

If you happen to be in Berlin, here’s the addresses you’ll find all three pieces:

‘The Artist’s Tears’ in RAW Flohmarkt, Revalerstrasse, Berlin.

‘Man with Spheres’ in Hackescher Markt, Hof, Berlin.

‘City Forms’ [scribble style] in Yaam, Ostbahnhof, Berlin.



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Jimmy C – Pop Skull in East London…

Posted on Saturday, 2nd June, 2012

In Jimmy’s words: “Damian Hirst produced his diamond skull for £14 million and it is said to be valued at £50 million. In conjunction with his exhibition at the Tate, I have painted a pop street skull on the street using fluorescent spray paint. The materials would have costed around £50, and I give this one to the people on the street!”

Above photo by Dukeluke

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NWA’s & Jimmy C’s Usain Bolt, goes large in East London.

Posted on Monday, 23rd July, 2012

Jimmy C has been a busy lad, painting this huge piece in 4 days, in a car park on Sclater Street, East London.

After nearly having to give up, due to dodgy scaffolding and the not so Great British Summer. He battled on with the help of a scissor lift and strong macchiatos to create this beauty. It’s already made centre page of the Evening Standard, and is popping up on blogs and news sites everywhere including: Reuters, ITV and BBC.

The picture of Usain celebrates the opening of the games in 4 days time as well as the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence.

Seb Coe claims: Only official Games’ sponsors and businesses are allowed to associate themselves with the games. I guess street artist’s don’t like to play by the rules Seb.


<click on image to read full story>


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JIMMY C ‘The Artist’s Tears’ (Special Edition)

Posted on Tuesday, 11th September, 2012

Only 5 of these special editions are available worldwide. Each have been painstakingly created by Mr Jimmy C with around a day’s work to produce a single one!

Spray paint and print on 330gsm Paper

£400.00 Inc VAT

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BANKSY – Flying Copper sells for £75,636 at a French Auction…

Posted on Wednesday, 30th January, 2013


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East London Shutters collection from 2012

Posted on Thursday, 14th February, 2013

These Sweet Toof shutters were all shot on Roman Road, East London in 2012 – getting a little lost in our Instagram Room so we thought we’d give them a new home in the NWAP blog.


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Cranio around East London…

Posted on Thursday, 14th February, 2013

Cranio and his little blue meanie mates getting lost in our InstaRoom so we thought we let them have a the run of the blog. Enjoy guys.

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A Round Up Of C215 Pieces We’ve Seen Around East, London.

Posted on Friday, 22nd March, 2013

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JIMMY C – Original Works Just In.

Posted on Tuesday, 26th March, 2013



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Kid Acne Stabby Women back in the East End…

Posted on Tuesday, 23rd April, 2013

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Posted on Wednesday, 8th May, 2013

Jimmy C’s Usain Bolt Mural in Sclater Street, East London gets painted over. A sad day :(

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Donk – Signed & Hand Pulled Screen Print – Edition of 25

Posted on Tuesday, 12th August, 2014

Just released – limited numbers available.

Hand pulled, plus a two tonal wash, and hand bleaching by Donk. Signed and Numbered.

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